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Name:Sam Carter
Birthdate:Dec 29
(Samantha Carter )

Height:5' 9"
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Amat Info Page:Link

Both Mun and Muse are about the same age, both WELL over 18, thank you very much. (Muse is a year younger. The bitch.)

Samantha Carter is an astrophysicist and a decorated officer in the US Air Force. Not that she can tell you what she does, because it's all super special TOP SECRET. Sam is a member of the SGC which operates out of Cheyenne Mountain and travels through a Stargate to other worlds to find technology which will help protect Earth from the nasty Goa'uld. She's a friendly sort, but be careful as she's also a crack shot and deeply protective of those she cares for.

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